b'OverviewA Water Shortage in Michigan?Known as the Great Lakes State, Michigans abundance of freshwater lakes, streams, and coastlines are tied to the states identity. This creates a false perception that clean drinking water will always be readily available at the tap.Most Michiganders have not put much thought into where their water comes from, or considered the possibility that it may one day be at risk.Nearly half of all Michigan residents rely on groundwater sources to supply their homes and businesses.Many regions of the state utilize deep bedrock aquifers, which can contain salt and mineral deposits in some areas.Ottawa County is faced with a particularly challenging situation where surface water is unable to recharge the deep aquifer, leading to rapidly Ottawa County Granddeclining levels of groundwater and increased mineralization of the Rapids water that is available.LansingPlanners from Ottawa County have begun partnering with local Detroit scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders to identify practical solutions to ensure water is available for future generations.10print plan.13.indd 10 2/19/2020 12:13:50 PM'