b'Mitigation Strategies# Strategy Summary /Current Partners Status Critical Next StepsComponentsModel Zoning Zoning recommendations15 Guidelines to protect groundwater In DevelopmentEstablish partnershipsresourcesZoning Overlay Specically designed16 Districts zoning districts to protect In DevelopmentEstablish partnershipsgroundwater resources Guidelines for utilizingOttawa County Department of Public HealthCounty Groundwatergroundwater resources inOttawa County Road Commission Work with partners to develop17 Ordinance certain areas In Developmentdraft ordinance Offset-program fordevelopers Identify and enhanceOttawa County Department of Public Health18 Health Code Revisions health codes to further In DevelopmentWork with partner to identifyprotect groundwater changes Examining current andDrummond Carpenter, PLLCExploring Otherpotential policies forMichigan Groundwater AssociationWork with partners to explore19 Policies opportunities to enhanceOttawa County Department of Public Health In Development opportunitiesgroundwater conservationOttawa County Road Commission Ottawa County Water Resources Commissionerprint plan.13.indd 36 2/19/2020 12:13:53 PM'