b'Mitigation Strategies# Strategy Summary /Current Partners Status Critical Next StepsComponents Exploring innovativeDrummond Carpenter, PLLCWork with partners to identifyWater Recyclingopportunities to utilizeMichigan Geological Survey and test new systems20 Strategies alternative water sourcesOttawa County Department of Public Health In DevelopmentModify regulations, asnecessary Establish a large-scaleMichigan Geological SurveySecure FundingGroundwatermonitoring system toMichigan Groundwater Association21 Monitoring Network better understand our In DevelopmentWork with partners to develophyper-local geology action plan Countywide water andOttawa County Department of Geospatial Insights &Infrastructurewastewater infrastructure Solutions Work with partners to map22 Mapping and Planning map; andOttawa County Road Commission In Developmentand plan infrastructure Expansionrecommendation plan Coordinated countywideCoordinated Futurefuture land use plan,23 Land Use Plan developed with In Developmentgroundwaterconsiderationsprint plan.13.indd 37 2/19/2020 12:13:53 PM'