b'StrategyEXAMPLE OF A RESIDENTIAL GREYWATER20SYSTEMWater Recycling Strategies Innovative systems & ways to permit them Opportunities exist for capturing, storing, and reusing water from various systems that typically discharge water as a waste byproduct.Recycled water from these systems can be used GREYWATERfor irrigation, agricultural, or other applications.SOURCES IN YOUR HOME These systems, however, may require certain types of approval from health or environmental agencies, and/or require signicant coordination to implement.The County is working with various agencies to facilitate the use and promotion of these TREATMENTUSED FORsystems, and is exploring options for piloting AND STORAGELAWNdemonstration projects.TANK IRRIGATIONPossible sources for water recycling can include:- Household and industrial greywater systems- Dewatering bags from various sources- Sump collection systems- Stormwater collection & storageCurrent Partners43print plan.13.indd 43 2/19/2020 12:13:54 PM'