b'Strategy21Groundwater Monitoring Network Furthering our understanding ofthe water beneath our feetThe studies conducted by Michigan State University illustrated the nature of thegroundwater problems and where they are occuring. Now, the County aims to identify what solutions will be most effective.This will be done by:- Establishing a substantial network ofmonitoring wells to track long-term patternsin groundwater ow- Identifying areas that naturally facilitatebedrock aquifer recharge- Examining our ability to augmentgroundwater recharge, by means of injectionwells, or other methods- Calculating our groundwater consumption,then setting benchmarks for improvementthrough a groundwater budgetCurrent PartnersDid You Know.A groundwater budget is similar to a nancial budget. It measures how much groundwater is being taken out, versus how much is being put back into the aquifer, in a particular area.44 Image credit: In-Situprint plan.13.indd 44 2/19/2020 12:13:54 PM'