b'Coordination Strategies # Strategy Summary /Current Partners Status Critical Next StepsComponents Newly created positionCounty Supportwithin the County to Allocate funding for new24 Personnel manage groundwater In DevelopmentpositioneffortsGroundwater A group of scientists andpolicy-makersassembledIdentify all members25 Technical Advisoryto assist County efforts In DevelopmentDevelop board bylaws andBoard and provide technical missionexpertise Formal commissionOttawa County Groundwater Task ForceGroundwatercreated to ensure theIdentify all members26 Commission continued pursuit of In DevelopmentDevelop board bylaws andCounty and regional missiongroundwater conservationCollaboration onCounty to support theAll partners27 Existing Effortsefforts of its partners In DevelopmentSupport our partners!print plan.13.indd 48 2/19/2020 12:13:55 PM'