b'Appendix B - Our Groundwater StoryPart 3The Planning Process & Moving ForwardSince the completion of the Phase II Study in 2018, the County has made it a priority to proactively address our groundwater issues going forward. The Planning and Performance Improvement Department has been working hard to initiate an awareness campaign, and to establish partners to help identify and manage solutions to address the issues. As of fall 2019, the County has held over 50 meetings with various community stakeholder groups and organizations, and has been present at a multitude of community events to spread awareness, garner support, and learn aboutthe ways in which we can all work together towards a future of water sustainability. This document is a brief summary of partnerships and programs the County has established, or plans to establish.In order to ensure that groundwater sustainability remains a priority for the County for years to come, its Board of Commissioners have adopted a formal resolution to support the ongoing efforts of its staff and partners. Moving forward, you can look to see our logo wherever an opportunity exists to promote water sustainability!59print plan.13.indd 59 2/19/2020 12:13:57 PM'