b'ContentsIntroduction Mitigation Strategies Overview 10 Model Zoning Guidelines38Our Approach 11 Zoning Overlay Districts 39About this Document12 County Groundwater Ordinance40Groundwater Challenges at a Glance13 Health Code Revisions 41Why it Matters 14 Exploring Other Policies 42Education Strategies Water Recycling Strategies43Outreach Campaign 17 Groundwater Monitoring Network44Online Resources 18 Infrastructure Mapping and Planning45Partnerships for Youth Education19 Coordinated Future Land Use Plan 46Partnerships for College Education20 Coordination StrategiesPartnerships for Community Education21 County Support Personnel49Community Presence 22 Groundwater Technical Advisory Board50Integration Strategies Groundwater Commission51Stakeholder Integration 26 Collaboration on Existing Efforts 52Household Conservation Strategies 27 Dynamic RelationshipsLandscape and Irrigation Practices 28 53Service-Provider TrainingHow to get Involved 5429Landscape Contests and Demonstration Sites30 Appendix AResolution 56Landscape Rebates and Low-Flow Fixture Promotions31 Appendix BOur Groundwater Story57Certied Blue 32 Appendix CLinks 60Agricultural Partnerships 33 Appendix D References 628print plan.13.indd 8 2/19/2020 12:13:49 PM'