Conservation Resources

  • 10 Ways to Protect Groundwater
    Lists ten methods of reducing household water use, such as fixing leaky toilets, taking shorter showers, and replacing irrigated lawns with native plantings
  • 5 Steps to Save Water
    Includes changing diets to promote less processed, water-intensive foods, how to cook using less water, reducing water waste from swimming pools and car washes, and how recycling impacts our water footprint
  • 100+ Ways to Conserve Water
    Comprehensive list of water conservation methods. Methods are separated based on location (EX: laundry room, office, kitchen)
  • Water Footprint Calculator
    Calculates average daily household water use by using interactive illustrations
  • 30by30
    App that tracks water use with the goal of reducing daily water use by 30 gallons
  • EPA WaterSense
    Comprehensive collection of water-saving techniques and methods
  • Ottawa County Groundwater Educational Brochure
    Provides graphics of existing groundwater challenges in Ottawa County and the importance of water preservation methods
  • Ottawa County Groundwater Written Synopsis
    One page summary and selected graphic