Department of Public Health

Living Well

Choose Healthy Living

You and your family can make healthy choices by following the tips below.

Geting Active

  • Encourage your kids to play outside with other children or plan physical activities as a family.
  • If you are active together, a child will not feel singled out if they are overweight.
  • Focus on fun rather than skill, allowing kids to choose what they like. If kids think that physical activity is fun, they’ll be more likely to do it.
  • Have your child help with active chores, like walking the dog.
  • Your entire family will benefit from eating healthier and increased activity.
  • Participate in the free Step It Up program - designed to help you stay active and explore new parks. Track and report your steps each week to be eligible for weekly raffle prizes. Visit the Step It Up page for more information.


  • Make a family commitment to reduce screen time for everyone.
  • Turn off all electronics during dinner.
  • Limit TV and electronics to 1 - 2 hours per day and consider specific times as “screen free”.
  • Take the TV out of your child’s bedroom.
  • Less screen time gives you more time to be together as a family.
  • Children are more likely to be healthy when parents and other family members make healthy choices.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer and nature programs to take part in as a family through Ottawa County Parks and Recreation - Learn More


  • We Can! - We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition) is a national movement designed to give parents, caregivers, and entire communities a way to help children 8 to 13 years old stay at a healthy weight.
  • Health & Wellness in College
  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Future - Giving early care and education providers the tools to help children get a healthy start.
  • Thrive Ottawa - Information about how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect our Ottawa County community, and information about resources that can encourage growth and resilience.
  • Help Me Grow Ottawa - Help Me Grow® Ottawa connects families with young children (ages zero to five) to free local resources; helping children grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school.