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Request a 911-Emergency Cell Phone

If you are an Ottawa County senior or person-in-need, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office can assist you in obtaining a cell phone capable of making emergency 911 calls from your home, car, or anywhere you have an adequate cell phone signal. The Sheriff’s Office has a limited supply of these phones, which will be provided on a most-in-need basis. Simply complete the form below and the Sheriff’s Office will evaluate your request. If you are selected to receive a 911 cell phone, you will be contacted when a phone becomes available (typically in 30 - 60 days). Email address is not required.

Use this form to request a 911 emergency cell phone (items in bold must be provided):

First/Last Name: Address: City: State: Zip: E-mail: Age: Enter the reason(s) you need an emergency 911 cell phone here:

By clicking , I understand and agree that:

  • Not all persons that submit this form will receive a free emergency phone.
  • That the 911 emergency cell phone distribution is based on availability.
  • That Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for the 911 cell phone’s maintenance.
  • For more information about the program, you can go to the Cell Phone Bank website.