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Update: August 2018
40’ seasonal slips at the Ottawa Beach Marina are available! If interested, please complete the form below. If you may be interested in any of the other slip sizes (30’, 40’, 75’) or a mooring in the future, you may complete the form to be added to a wait list. You’ll be contacted if a slip becomes available.

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2019 Season:

Construction begins November 2018. The seasonal slips will be operational by Memorial Day of 2019. If the season is shorter due to construction delays, we will adjust marina rent in weekly increments based on a season running from May 20 through September 17*. We will do all we can to be open by Memorial Day and we will keep in touch with our slip renters as to how the project is proceeding.

*May 20-September 17 refer to how a reduction in fees would be calculated if the season is shortened due to construction not being completed. Boats may remain in the marina through October. In 2020, boats could start using the marina in April.

Marina details:

ottawa beach marina
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  • Docks will be fixed, not floating. Please note that the location of the seasonal slips is east of the private residence (see layout). Seasonal marina patrons will park in the lot and walk via the public walkway to the marina. There is no access along waterfront in front of private residence.
  • Slip sizes: 30’, 40’, 75’, and moorings

  • *Please note slips were first made available to WMPA as stipulated by a 2005 court agreement. More info can be found here.

  • Slip rates are $100 per foot with an overall rate based on the size of the boat or slip, whichever is larger.
    • Boat length overall including platforms and bow sprits, etc may not extend beyond the length of the dock for the 30’ slips (Michigan DEQ requirement).
    • Boats may extend up to 10% beyond the dock length on the 40’ slips.
    • Smaller boats are welcome in the 40’ slips, but the minimum slip rate for a 40’ slip is $4,000.
  • Moorings are $40 per foot, dinghy storage is included.
  • One parking space per slip will be provided in a dedicated parking lot. The first five spaces will be public parking for a public kayak launch located on the transient dock. No marina patrons will be allowed to park in public spaces.
  • A new building will include a small marina office, plus private restrooms and showers for marina patrons. Separate public restrooms will also be available in the building. A “for fee” washer and dryer will be provided, plus vending machines and ice.
  • Electrical service will be provided on a charge-back basis. Water service will be provided at no additional cost, as will wireless internet. A pump out station will be provided.

For your information, the 26 transient slips will be managed by Ottawa County Parks and fees are recommended to follow the State Fee Schedule C for transient slips in Michigan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ottawa County Parks administrative office.

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