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Personal Visitation


A copy of Ottawa County’s Video Visitation Policy can be found here.


  • Visits can be scheduled online using the Securus Video Visitation website.
  • Support for scheduling visits online is provided through the County’s vendor by calling: 1-800-844-6591
  • For visitors that do not have access to a computer or an e-mail address, a kiosk is available in the jail lobby for scheduling visits or visitors may contact the jail during business hours at 616-786-4140.

Internet Video Visits (Remote Visitation)

  • This technology allows visitors who are unable to visit the facility to schedule and conduct visits and video chat from home with an inmate using the Securus Video Visitation System.
  • Remote visits are subject to the County’s Video Visitation Policy.
  • Remote visits are available 7 days a week during business and non-business hours – subject to capacity and approval by jail staff.
  • Remote visitations are subject to a fee paid to and collected by Securus. Any payment questions should be directed to Securus at: 1-800-844-6591
  • Visitor Identification - All visitors (whether on-site or remote) are required to provide a valid ID