Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

Step it Up

Any exercise activity carries risk. Participation in these programs is entirely voluntary and at your own risk.

This free program is designed to help you stay active and explore new parks. Participants of all fitness levels are invited to join. Simply track and report your steps each week to be eligible for weekly raffle prizes.

Participants can look forward to:

  • Achieving fitness goals
  • Guided group walks with varying paces
  • Guided group activities including biking, paddling, and orienteering
  • Discovering new parks in Ottawa & Allegan county
  • Meeting new people
  • Incentive prizes
  • Motivation & accountability by logging activity

Opportunities to run, bike, and paddle as a group, plus a navigation course and challenge! These opportunities are free for Step it Up! participants. Beginners are encouraged… this is the time to try something new!

New this Season! Group walks in Ottawa County will also include a short, body weight strength training program prior to the walk with the help of Cari Draft owner of EcoTrek Fitness, the Tri-Cities YMCA, and the Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging.

Group Activities

Join us for one or all of our group walks and activities as we explore the different parks in Ottawa and Allegan counties! Each activity will have naturalist guides to help participants enjoy the natural beauty of the park. Walking groups will have a variety of paces and distances for participants to choose from. Walks are roughly one hour.

Group walk and group adventure dates will be emailed to registered participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register?
Yes, you must register to participate in this challenge and group activities.

What is the cost of the Step it Up! Fitness Challenge?
The challenge is completely free. It is covered by grant funding secured by the Ottawa County Department of Public Health.

Do I have to participate in the group activities?
No, the group activities are optional. Join us for one or all of them as your schedule and interest allows. Beginners are encouraged. All of the activities are free.

How fit do I need to be to participate?
All levels of fitness are welcome. Various pace groups will be available at the group walks. Beginners are encouraged to try all of the activities. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

How do I track my activity?
You will login to track your activity.You can log it daily or weekly. Each week that you track your activity you will be entered to win a prize.

What activity do I track?
All the steps you take throughout the day and all of your activity throughout the challenge counts! A minutes-to-steps conversion calculator is available online. A guide to converting other activities (gardening, weights, etc) will also be available for reference.

Do I have to track my activity?
We encourage all participants to track activity. It helps keep you accountable and consistent participation ensures the continuation of grant funding. You must be an active participant in the challenge to register for the Group Adventure Activities. Plus, you might win a prize!

How do I know what’s happening each week?
Every Monday morning, you will receive an email from Ottawa County via GovDelivery. That email will have the link to record your activity, the week’s group activities, and other news.

Contact Amy at (616) 393-5799 with questions.