Equalization/Property Description & Mapping

Parcel Data Requests

This export is given free of charge and includes data for all parcels within the County. If a user wants to narrow this data to include only data within a given geographic region, this can be obtained for a fee through the GIS department by clicking here.

Below is a list of information included on this free export:

Field Name Description
ParcelReadonly.completePnum Parcel Number
ParcelMaster.ownername1 Owner Name 1
ParcelMaster.ownername2 Owner Name 2
ParcelMaster.ownerstreetaddr Owner Street Address (Mailing)
ParcelMaster.ownercity Owner City (Mailing)
ParcelMaster.ownerstate Owner State (Mailing)
ParcelMaster.ownerzip Owner Zip Code (Mailing)
ParcelMaster.propstreetcombined Property Street Address
ParcelMaster.propcity Property Address City
ParcelMaster.propstate Property Address State
ParcelMaster.propzip Property Address Zip Code
ParcelReadonly.adjsev_0_3 State Equalized Value
Parcels.oldprop Previous Year Property Class
ParcelMaster.sec_unit Government Unit Code
Parcels.propclass Current Year Property Class
Parcels.overAllStatus Record Status (Active or Inactive)
ParcelMaster.createdDate Date Record Created
ParcelReadonly.adjtax_0_3 Taxable Value
Parcels.homestead Principal Residence Exemption Percent
Parcels.schooldist School District Code
Parcels.primaryunit Taxing Unit Code
ParcelReadonly.legalDescription Legal Description
Parcel Data Export Form

Local townships and cities are responsible for updating owner's name and address information. View date of last update by government unit.

Current calendar year property values are not available until after June 1.
The Parcel Data Export File is updated the 5th and the 20th of each month.

Parcel Data Export File will be provided via download in email after form submission.

For Code descriptions for data included within this report, click here

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