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Ottawa County Offers the Widest Range of Job Opportunities in West Michigan!

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The County is committed to being efficient and effective with our resources through the use of process improvement and technology.

With more than 32 diverse departments and over 400 different job positions, the County offers a lifetime of opportunities and careers.

To support you and your family, the County provides benefits for your health, work-life balance, and your future.

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Ottawa County is an exciting place to work with an empowering culture that promotes growth and learning.
- Misty Cunningham
Ottawa County is committed in creating and promoting a culturally diverse and inclusive environment where all employees, residents, and visitors are valued and welcomed. - Reyna Masko
It’s rewarding to work at a place where I’m encouraged to provide excellent customer service and to be recognized by my customers and others when I succeed.
- Steve Namenye
I have experienced great support and compassion from all Ottawa County employees. It is a home away from home, I have never witnessed such great morale in all of my years in the work place.
- Britney Brown

Ottawa County is mission-driven and committed to excellence and the delivery of cost-effective public services.

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Benefits for your health, work-life balance, and your future.





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32 diverse departments with over 400 different job positions.

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