Make Payments Online

Circuit Court Payments
Pay fines, costs, and restitution for 20th Circuit Court cases.
District Court Payments
Make a payment for 58th District Court fines including traffic violation fines.
Pay Child Support
Make a child support payment on the MiSDU Office of Child Support website.
Dog License Fees
Purchase a new dog license or renew an existing license online.
Juvenile Court Fees
Make a payment for 20th Circuit Court Juvenile Services.
Delinquent Taxes
Pay delinquent taxes online.
Invoice Payments
Pay a County-issued invoice online. This does not include booking fees.
Civil Infractions
Pay parking tickets and civil infractions issued at Ottawa County Parks.
Environmental Health Violations
Pay violation fees from the Environmental Health Department.
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Violations
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control violations.
No Permit Necessary Letter Request
Pay No Permit Necessary letter request fee to the Water Resources Commissioner.