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Juvenile Court

Court Programs


Purpose/Intervention: Identify the intervention(s) needed to address present law violation; refer to community/court programming as needed; minimal court supervision, and monitor progress. A written contract, consent agreement, to include specific services and criteria for juvenile to successfully complete are components of the intake process.

Provider: Juvenile Court Officer


Purpose/Intervention: Juveniles in need of community supervision to improve skills and reduce the risk of reoffending. Risk assessment, case management, psycho-educational, therapeutic services, cognitive skill groups and surveillance are components used to mediate behaviors presented by at risk youth and their families.

Provider: Juvenile Court Officer

YLS Risk Level: Low to Very High


Purpose/Intervention: Community-based individual and family counseling focused on diverting and preventing increased court involvement. Evidenced based and best practice models of therapeutic intervention are utilized with at risk youth and their families.

Provider: Treatment Specialists (Licensed therapists)

YLS Risk Level: Low to Very High

Juvenile Community Justice

Purpose/Intervention: Frequent contact and surveillance to ensure reduction of risk factors and develop social skills and competencies. Therapeutic services, cognitive skill groups, evidence based practices, surveillance, and case management are also fundamental aspects of the program.

Provider: Juvenile Court Officer and Bethany Christian Services Contracted Case Manager

YLS Risk Level: Moderate to Very High

JJI Graduation 2019

Restorative Community Service

Purpose/Intervention: To provide juveniles meaningful opportunities to repair the harm caused by their actions, while making contributions to the community and building competencies.

Provider: Group Leader

YLS Risk Level: Low to High


Purpose/Intervention: High level of community and home based supervision. Supervision can include electronic monitoring with Global Positioning System and home contracts.

Provider: Group Leader

YLS Risk Level: Moderate to High

Start Program

Purpose/Intervention: The Start program utilizes an evidenced-based treatment model aimed at identifying and reducing the risk of sexual offending behavior. The Start program offers a continuum of services for youth who have been adjudicated of a sexual offense. Treatment provided includes: psychoeducational counseling, group therapy and family therapy. Prior to participation in the program youth are required to have an Adolescent Sexual Offender Risk Assessment to determine the appropriate level of treatment services. The program team includes juvenile court officers (JCO) and treatment specialists.

Provider: Juvenile Court Officer and Treatment Specialist