Ottawa County Legal Self-Help Center

Friend of the Court

The Friend of the Court office, of the FOC, is part of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court and is responsible for protecting the rights and interests of the children in a domestic relations matter. The Friend of the Court is charged with enforcing the court orders with regard to custody, parenting time, and child support after they are established through a paternity hearing or the filing of a complaint for divorce. The Friend of the Court office partners with the Michigan State Disbursement Unit, or MISDU, for distribution of all support funds.

Child Support

The funds that go from one parent to another in a case for the support of a child are known as child support. They can be broken down into a variety of categories depending on the circumstances of the case. Child support can be set a variety of ways, including agreement of the parties.

Parenting Time

The FOC enforces orders that have parenting time provisions, as well as offers mediation from either a FOC investigator or an outside mediation service. Parenting time is the time the child spends with either parent either physically or over the phone and is a separate issue than custody.


The FOC office investigates and makes recommendations to Family court on the custody of minor child/ren. Legal custody and physical custody are considered.

414 Washington Street, Room 225
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone: (616) 846-8210
FAX: (616) 846-8128

Available Forms

The Legal Self-Help Center offers these forms in relation to the Friend of the Court Office:

  • Change in Personal Information Form
  • Childcare Verification Form
  • Motion Regarding Parenting Time
  • Motion Regarding Support
  • Objection to 21-day Parenting Time Order
  • Objection to 21-day Support Order
  • Objection to Ref's Order
  • Objection to Review/Modification of Support
  • Request to Reopen Friend of the Court Case
  • Response to Motion to Modify Support
  • Response to Parenting Time Motion
  • Uniform Child Support Order
  • Uniform Child Support Order, No FOC Services
  • Change of Domicile Packet
  • Petition for Custody Assessment