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Electronic Filing System (E-File) Mandate

After the initial filing to start a case, It is MANDATORY that all subsequent filings are to be filed electronically through the court's e-Filing website.

All parties must register with MiFILE to submit their filings electronically. A valid email address is required to allow for electronic service between the parties and the 20th Circuit Court. Each individual bears the responsibility for the accuracy of the registered email address provided.

Furthermore, Judges will now issue all opinions and orders electronically. All filers must add themselves as a case contact to receive service of opinions and orders through MiFILE. If you fail to add yourself as a case contact, you will not receive copies of orders issued by the court. Neither the court nor the Clerk/Register's office provide free copies of opinions, orders, or other electronically filed documents to an attorney or party who fails to add themselves as a case contact. Copies can be obtained from the Clerk/Register's Office at a cost of $1.00 per page. If you request a certified copy the fee is $10.00 plus $1.00 per page.

If you need assistance in submitting your filings electronically, please visit one of the following locations at the Grand Haven Courthouse, located at 414 Washington Ave., Grand Haven, MI 49417:

  • Legal Self-Help Center located on the 2nd floor
  • Circuit Court Records Division of the Clerk/Register 's Office on the 3rd Floor.

Computers, scanners, and staff are available to assist you during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00A.M.- 5:00P.M, except for the first Friday of the month in which the Clerk/Register's Office is open from 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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General Information & Forms

Change in Personal Information
Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan
Application for IV-D Child Support Services (for privately filed cases)
Child Care Verification
Custody Assessment Procedures
DHS Guide to Parents - Understanding Child Support
Friend of the Court Handbook
Friend of the Court Case Questionnaire
IVR PIN Change Form
Judgment Information Form
Request to Access Friend of the Court Records and Decision
Request to Reopen Friend of the Court Case
Verified Statement
Opt-Out Form & Order Exempting Case From FOC Services
Request for Exemption from Use of miFile and Order
Request to Use Communications Equipment
Request to Use Communications Equipment (Friend of the Court initiated hearings only!)

Payment & Financial Information

Payment Coupon
Debit Card Authorization
Direct Deposit Authorization
Electronic Disbursement of Support FAQ
Distribution and Allocation Explanation

Parenting Time & Support Forms

Fee Waiver Request
Felony Non-Support Referral Form
Motion to Modify Support
Motion for Payment Plan
Motion To Permit Foreign Travel
Motion Regarding Parenting Time
Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Parenting Time Complaint
Parenting Time Holiday Policy
Response to Motion Regarding Parenting Time
Response to Motion to Modify Support
Response to Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Substantial Change in Circumstances Information and Request Form
Stipulation Request
Uniform Child Support Order
Uniform Child Support Order (No Friend of the Court Services)
Uniform Child Support Order Deviation Addendum
Order Approval Criteria

Order Objection Forms

Referee Temporary Order After Objection to FIG Conference
Instructions for Objecting to a Court Order
Objection Form - Establishment Order (Referee)
Objection Form - Medical Expenses
Objection Form - Miscellaneous Order
Objection Form - Parenting Time Order
Objection Form - Three Year Review
Objection Form - Custody Assessment
Objection Form - Order Setting Support
Objection Form - Facilitative Information Gathering Conference
Objection Form - Establishment - Facilitative Information Gathering Conference
Objection Form - Order Determining Arrears

Medical Forms

Enforcement of Uninsured Health Care Expenses
Demanda Para Pago de Gastos Para Asistencia Medica
Medical Enforcement FAQs
Health Care Provider Statement