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Forms & Publications

General Information & Forms

Address Change
Child Care Verification
Custody Assessment Procedures
Employer Change
Friend of the Court Handbook
Friend of the Court Case Questionnaire
IVR PIN Change Form
Judgment Information Form
Request for IV-D Services
Request to Access Friend of the Court Records and Decision
Request to Reopen Friend of the Court Case
Verified Statement
Opt-Out Form & Order Exempting Case From FOC Services
Request to Use Communications Equipment
Request to Use Communications Equipment (Friend of the Court initiated hearings only!)

Payment & Financial Information

Debit Card FAQ
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Distribution and Allocation Explanation
Temporary Payment Coupons

Parenting Time & Support Forms

Holiday Parenting Time Schedule (average 12 overnights each parent)
Holiday parenting time takes precedence over the regular parenting time schedule (Regular parenting time shall occur up until holiday parenting time begins and then at the conclusion of holiday parenting time, regular parenting time shall resume). The following holidays should be exercised with the times given:

Friend of the Court Parenting Time Policy
2018-2019 Holiday Parenting Time Schedule

Affidavit and Order Suspension of Fees/Costs
Application for IV-D Child Support Services (for privately filed cases)
Felony Non-Support Referral Form
Motion to Modify Support
Motion for Payment Plan
Motion To Permit Foreign Travel
Motion Regarding Parenting Time
Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Parenting Time Abatement Affidavit
Parenting Time Complaint
Response to Motion Regarding Parenting Time
Response to Motion to Modify Support
Response to Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Substantial Change in Circumstances Information and Request Form

Order & Order Objection Forms

Instructions for Objection to a Court Order
Objection to 21-day Establishment Order
Objection to Child Support Recommendation
Objection to Custody Assessment

Objection to Exparte Coordination Conference

Objection to Miscellaneous Order
Objection to Order Setting Support
Objection to Order Suspending Support
Objection to Parenting Time Order
Objection to Referee Establishment Order
Order Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Objection to Referee's Order
Objection to Referee Recommended Order Regarding Medical Expenses
Stipulation Request
Uniform Child Support Order
Uniform Child Support Order (No Friend of the Court Services)
Uniform Child Support Order Deviation Addendum

Medical Forms

Enforcement of Uninsured Health Care Expenses
Demanda para Pago de Cuidad de Salud
Medical Enforcement FAQs

Filing Your Orders With Circuit Court Records by Fax

Facsimile & Transmission of Documents Policy
Facsimile Coversheet