Environmental Sustainability

Household Hazardous Waste Program

Improper disposal can contaminate. FREE household hazardous waste disposal is available to Ottawa County residents at any Environmental Sustainability Centers. Household hazardous wastes are leftover, unwanted or unusable products that contain toxic, flammable, caustic (causes burns) or chemically reactive ingredients.

Health hazards may occur when:

  • toxic gasses are inhaled from mixed products
  • hazardous products are left around the house and consumed by children or pets
  • hazardous products are poured into drains or toilets, causing contamination of septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems
  • hazardous products are poured into storm sewers and pollute bodies of water
  • drinking water from wells or water systems are contaminated


Car Batteries
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Drain Cleaners
Fire Extinguishers
Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs
Garden Chemicals
Hobby Supplies
Household Cleaners

Motor Oil and Filters
Lithium Batteries
Oil-Based Paint
Paint Thinner and Stripper
Pool and Spa Chemicals
Propane Tanks (20 lbs)
Rechargeable Batteries
Scrap Metal

Not Accepted

Alkaline Batteries
Bulky Plastics
Food Containers
Latex Paint
Plastic Bags
Plastic/Metal Lids

Scrap Tire Recycling

Scrap Tires are a known environmental hazard due to the ability to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes which can spread diseases, fire hazards that are difficult to extinguish, and can also cause soil and water contamination. Recycled tires can be used for items like playground cover, fuel, drainfield aggregate, and road construction materials.

Ottawa County's Environmental Sustainability Centers collect scrap tires at all four centers during fair weather months.

  • Residential Tires ONLY
  • Scrap tire fee is $2 until the grant limit is reached
  • Residents are limited to 10 tires per visit
  • All tires must be free of dirt, water, and debris
  • NO tractor or airplane tires will be accepted
  • Any nonconforming tire will not be accepted
  • Residents must be willing and able to assist in the unloading of tires
  • Centers accept credit card payments only
  • Cash or check payments must be done in advance at the Holland Department of Public Health at 12251 James St. Suite 200, Holland, MI 49424. Bring the receipt with you.