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Environmental Sustainability

Household Recycling

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Recycle Michigan Environmental Health specialists work to provide Ottawa County residents with information about hazardous materials and recycling. Proper disposal at Environmental Sustainability Centers helps prevent water pollution, which may lead to serious health risks. For a fee, Ottawa County offers residential recycling at the Environmental Sustainability Centers.

More information is available on the membership form. For additional recycling information call 616-393-5645.

Membership Fees

12 months $100
9 months $85
6 months $65
3 months $36


Brown Paper Bags
Corrugated Cardboard
Clear and Colored Glass
Discarded Mail
Empty Aerosol Cans

Office Paper
Steel, "Tin" and Aluminum Cans
Phone Books
Plastics #1 - #7
Projection TVs, CRT TVs and CRT Computer Monitors

Not Accepted

Furnace Filters
Items Larger Than a 5-Gallon Bucket
Plastic Bags Of Any Kind
Packaging Peanuts
Plastic Edging
Printer & Toner Cartridges
PVC Pipe
Vinyl Siding