Environmental Sustainability

Medical Waste & Sharps

Prevent drug misuse and overdose!

Free disposal of unwanted or expired prescription drugs and over the counter medications are accepted at participating locations.

Please remove pills from bottles and place in a sealable plastic bag. Liquids or gels may be kept in original packages with the labels blackened or removed.


Safe disposal of needles help prevent exposure to serious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. Free Home Use-Medical Sharps containers are available to residents at any Ottawa County Department of Public Health office. Once containers are full, you may exchange them for new ones at our offices. Only sharps containers provided by the Ottawa County Department of Public Health will be accepted. We dispose full containers through a licensed medical waste disposal company, to reduce any health or safety risks.

For sharp collection locations and times please contact our Environmental Health Department at 616-393-5645 or email environmentalhealth@miottawa.org.