Sheriff's Office

Public Notice


The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) of Ottawa County makes notice that its emergency response plans and inventory forms are available for public review. The Ottawa County LEPC, mandated under Title III of the Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act, exists to develop and implement emergency response plans for industrial and agricultural incidents involving hazardous materials releases. Persons wishing to review the Ottawa County LEPC’s emergency response plans, and/or inventory forms may contact the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department at the address below. This public notice is made in accordance with the Superfund Amendment Reauthorization Act, Title III and Section324.


The Ottawa County LEPC will hold its bimonthly meetings for the year 2024 as follows:
  • Wednesday, January 17
  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Wednesday, May 15
  • Wednesday, July 17
  • Wednesday, September 18
  • Wednesday, November 20

The LEPC members serve as a resource for citizens to learn about hazardous substances, emergency planning, as well as health and environmental risks in our community.

The Ottawa County LEPC is composed of community members including local elected officials, law enforcement, emergency management, fire departments, environmental organizations, public health professionals, media and representatives of facilities that handle, use or store hazardous materials.

The January, March and November meetings are held at the Ottawa County Fillmore Street Complex, 12220 Fillmore St., West Olive, MI 49460 at 10:00 AM. The May, July and September meetings may be held at various locations throughout the county. You may call the office to find out the location of those meetings at the first of the applicable month.

The meetings are open to the public with discussion consisting of reports from the Training & Exercising, Public Relations & Promotions and Executive Committees. The Ottawa County LEPC is dedicated to helping our community better meet its responsibilities regarding potential chemical incidents. Contact Ottawa County Emergency Management Director Lou Hunt at 616-738-4050 or LEPC Coordinator Derek Schroeder at 616-738-4051 for further information.