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Shelter in Place - Chemical Emergency

Shelter In Place Drill

Chemical Emergency

October 6, 2023 @ 12:00pm

The Ottawa County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has developed an outdoor warning siren drill to help educate people about the different uses for the outdoor warning sirens and the action expected when sirens activate.

  • Outdoor warning sirens are used to alert about severe weather, high winds and large hail.
  • Sirens may also be used to alert about hazardous materials (chemical) release event
  • Or other emergencies when people in the area are advised to shelter in place.

In coordination with the last scheduled outdoor warning siren test for 2023, Ottawa County will host a county-wide drill focused on sheltering in place. We are hoping for participation from ALL Ottawa County businesses, non-profits, schools, and citizens.

Participation in this drill will be up to each organization or citizen and can include:

  • reviewing educational materials available
  • practicing the “hear a siren – go inside and seek more information” procedure,
  • evaluating plans for conducting a shelter in place response
  • or physically practicing sheltering in place.

Sheltering in place during a chemical emergency involves isolating the air inside of the building from the contaminated air outside.

Please check back soon for more updates!

Shelter in Place Video Tutorials