Sheriff's Office

Shelter in Place - Chemical - Home


  1. Select a room or rooms to serve as shelter rooms during a chemical exposure.
    • Room(s) should be located at the highest point of the building.
    • Room(s) should be large enough to provide 10 square feet per person sheltered.
    • Room(s) should have few, if any, windows.
    • Room(s) with internet service preferable.
  2. Prepare a shelter kit.

Shelter Kit

  • Plastic sheeting to cover windows and vents.
  • Duct tape to secure plastic over windows/vents and to seal doors.
  • Battery operated radios with fresh batteries.
  • Flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • Bottled water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Telephone (cellular or land-line)
  • Internet connection (for obtaining outside emergency instruction)


  1. Go to pre-determined sheltering room(s).
  2. Bring laptops and/or cell phone if possible.
  3. Shut and lock all windows and doors if possible.
  4. Make sure all windows and vents are sealed with plastic and duct tape.
  5. If plastic sheeting is not available, place items of clothing or coats in the vents and under the door.
  6. Monitor local news stations and listen for further instructions.

All Clear

  • All clear will be provided from police, fire or other local officials.
  • Follow instructions received from police, fire or other local officials for what to do when you go outside to make sure you stay safe.

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