Sheriff's Office

Shelter in Place - Chemical - Vehicle


Discuss with family a shelter in place plan should you be in a vehicle during a hazardous chemical incident.

Shelter Kit

  • Flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water + Non-Perishable Food
  • Phone + charger to receive emergency instruction


  1. Roll up all windows
  2. Close sun or moonroofs
  3. Turn off Heat / AC / Fan
  4. Drive away from area in a controlled and safe manner.
  5. Travel perpendicular to the prevailing wind or in a safe direction as instructed by public safety officials.
  6. Incident updates may be available via local radio or through internet media outlets.

All Clear

  • All clear will be provided from police, fire, or other officials.
  • Follow instructions received from police, fire or other local officials for what to do when you may exit your vehicle to make sure you stay safe.

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