20th Circuit Court

"You and the Courts" Videos

What does the “man on the street” know about the courts? A lot? Not much? Now you can find out through a new video produced by the 20th Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Courts! Videographer David Schock, begins by interviewing the “man on the street” - paying each person $1.00 to tell him what he/she knows about the courts. What a response he received! Some people stood in the freezing cold in downtown Holland for a half an hour to give us their thoughts. The responses were stunning! In addition, Supreme Court Justice, Elizabeth Weaver, graciously agreed to offer her practical knowledge and experience within the courts in layman’s terms. Her “educational tutorials” are interwoven throughout and provide an informational understanding of “You and the Courts”!

You and the Courts
34 min 46 sec

20th Circuit Family Court
10 min 46 sec