Landowner Responsibility

Private Drive Approaches

Private roads, driveways and driveway approaches are privately owned by landowners or collectively under an association.

The maintenance of all private driveway/road approaches is to be maintained by the owner from the outside edge of the road shoulder or curb line to the edge of the road right of way line.


Maintaining culverts under the roads/bridges that allow the water flow to continue through county drains, as failing culverts can be detrimental to the public's safety.

The drains that are under the County's jurisdiction are continuously inspected, evaluated, and repaired/replaced, when found necessary.

Driveways/drive approaches or culverts beneath them are not maintained by the county, these are privately owned and are the responsibility of the landowner for all maintenance, including repair/replacement and clean out of the driveway culvert.

Permits are necessary to do any repairs or replacement of driveway culverts.

Below are the permits required and information on how to obtain them:

  • Drain Use Permit - Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner Dept: 616-994-4526
  • Drive way/Culvert repair permits - Road Commission's Special Services Dept: 616-842-5400