Water Resources Commissioner

Maintenance Requests & Drain Use Permits

Drain Use Permit Application

Maintenance of drainage facilities is necessary from time to time to ensure proper function. If you are aware of a maintenance issue or have a concern, please contact the Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner's office at (616)-994-4526. We will inspect the situation and determine the best course of action.

Drain Use Permits

A Drain Use Permit Application is required whenever working within the drain, or drain easement. Examples of activities requiring a permit include, but are not limited to: installing or replacing culvert crossings, adding discharge pipes to the drain, and directional drilling.

All disturbed areas are required to be restored to the Authorized Public Agency Standards under section 324.9110 of Part 91.

APA Manual

Sizing of Culverts

Road side culverts should be sized by the Ottawa County Road Commission at 616-842-5400. Culverts not along the roadside will require an engineer to size.

The permit application must be completely filled out, and accompanied with a detailed plan or sketch outlining the proposed activity and a copy of the contractors insurance certificate naming the Water Resources Commissioner and the drainage district as additionally insured. Your application will not be processed without the required information.

Remember: Issuance of the Drain Use Permit does not alleviate you from obtaining other necessary permits.