Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

2016 Parks Plan

2016 Parks Plan

Public Input

Ottawa county residents and park visitors helped build and guide this plan by completing surveys (raw data is available in plan appendices), comment cards, and by attending public meetings. A very high level of support for the activities of the Parks Commission was revealed.

Parks Plan Overview

  1. Continues emphasis on high quality maintenance and operations with projections of long-term capital renovation needs. Roughly half of discretionary (non-operating) funds area dedicated to renovations of current park facilities.
  2. Calls for further improvements at the Grand Ravines, Paw Paw Park, Ottawa Beach, and completion of the Grand River Greenway. It also anticipates modest growth in other land and facilities to accommodate the growing county population and to complete existing initiatives.
  3. Continues efforts to meet and exceed ADA accessibility guidelines at all lands and facilities.
  4. Provides flexibility to consider other unexpected opportunities and expand existing park properties.
  5. Continues focus on providing nature education programs throughout the park system.
  6. Expands emphasis on communications to residents of available opportunities for optimal park use.

Project Funding

The Parks Plan also includes detailed budget projections and a capital improvement plan. The plan notes that the millage combined with grant funds has allowed the Parks Commission to provide a large and high-quality park system to serve residents and visitors. With a higher percentage of millage funds devoted to operations and maintenance there will be a greater reliance on other funding for new and existing initiatives, including the Grand River Greenway. The newly formed Ottawa County Parks Foundation was created to secure more private funding.

Budgeted Parks Projects – 2016

  1. Park Expansion Project (80 acres)
  2. Grand Ravines – Phase 2
  3. Robinson Trail
  4. Paw Paw Park Improvement

Renovations – 2016-2027

Total Discretionary Budget Used$3,624,000
1. Pavement renovation/reconstruction
Includes: Grand River Park, Hager, Riverside Park, Kirk Park, and more
2. Wood stairs and boardwalks
Includes: Tunnel Park and Kirk Park
3. Restrooms
Includes: Grose Park, Tunnel Park, North Beach Park, and Tunnel Park
4. Other buildings
Includes: Hager Park
5. Operations buildings $264,000
6. Play areas
Includes Hager Park, Grose Park, and Kirk Park
7. Ecological restoration $158,000
8. Miscellaneous $405,000

Planned Parks Projects – 2017-2027

Total Discretionary Budget Used$3,325,000
(+ grants & donations)
Acquisitions (706 acres) $1,275,000
Grand River Greenway Trail $1,750,000
Historic Ottawa Beach Waterfront (marina area) $300,000

*Potential New Initiatives – 2017-2027

Next highest priority projects, if funding is available:
Requires: $1,605,000 + donations/grants

  1. Pumphouse – Phase 2
    Addition of modern restroom and finish floor of building
  2. Upper Macatawa Natural Area, 84th Avenue restroom
    Addition of modern restroom at popular access point
  3. Grand Ravines – Phase 3
    Addition of suspension bridge through ravines
  4. Crockery Creek day use
    Construction of visitor amenities, including: parking and trails
  5. Historic Ottawa Beach accessible kayak launch
    Installation of new floating kayak launch
  6. Adams Street Landing linkage (40 acres)
    Purchase of riverfront land to connect Adams St Landing with Paw Paw Park (route for greenway trail)
  7. Bend Area – Phase 1
    Following necessary acquisitions, construct visitor amenities including: parking and trails
  8. Paw Paw Macatawa Greenway Trail
    Construct paved, non-motorized greenway trail through Paw Paw Park including two large bridges over the Macatawa River
  9. Pigeon River Greenway Improvements
    Expand trails and develop new facilities
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Parks Visitor Center

  • The Nature
    Education Center
    at Hemlock Crossing
    8115 West Olive Road
    West Olive, MI 49460
  • Tuesday - Saturday:
    9:00am - 5:00pm
    12:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Phone: (616) 786-4847

  • Pigeon Creek Hotline: (616) 738-9531

Administration Office

  • Room 267
    12220 Fillmore St.
    West Olive, MI 49460
  • Monday - Friday:
    8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Phone: (616) 738-4810
    Fax: (616) 738-4812
  • In Ottawa County:
    (888) 731-1001 ext.4810

General Park Hours*

March 1 - October 15
7:00am - 10:00pm
October 16 - February 28
7:00am - 8:00pm
*Some parks close in winter or have hours that vary. Select each park for specific park hours.

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