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Step it Up

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This free program is designed to help you stay active and explore new parks. Participants of all fitness levels are invited to join. Simply track and report your activity each week to be eligible for weekly raffle prizes.

Any exercise activity carries risk. Participation in these programs is entirely voluntary and at your own risk.

Participants can look forward to:

  • Setting & achieving fitness goals!
  • Discovering new parks in Ottawa & Allegan counties
  • Physical & mental health tips
  • Healthy eating ideas
  • Incentive prizes
  • Motivation & accountability by logging activity

Group Activities

The Step it Up! program offers opportunities to walk and recreate as a group.

  • Guided group walks, varying paces
  • Fun, free recreation activities
  • Meeting new people
  • View All Available Group Activities
    Date Time Location Activity
    04/11/2022 7:00PM Hemlock Crossing Group Walk
    04/13/2022 7:00PM Connor Bayou Group Walk
    04/18/2022 12:30PM Pigeon Creek Park Group Walk
    04/20/2022 7:00PM Grand Ravines - South Group Walk
    04/25/2022 12:30PM Pine Bend Group Walk
    04/26/2022 7:00PM Pigeon Creek Park Group Walk
    04/27/2022 7:00PM Coast Guard Park (North Ottawa Dunes & Ottawa Sands) Group Walk
    04/30/2022 11:00AM Grose Park Group Walk
    04/30/2022 1:00PM Grose Park Compass Activity
    05/02/2022 12:30PM Grand Ravines - North Group Walk
    05/03/2022 7:00PM Paw Paw Park - East Group Walk
    05/05/2022 7:00PM Rosy Mound Group Walk
    05/07/2022 1:00PM - 3:30PM Hawthorn Pond Kayak Session
    05/09/2022 12:30PM Hager Park Group Walk
    05/10/2022 7:00PM Saugatuk Dunes Group Walk
    05/11/2022 7:00PM Hager Park Group Walk
    05/16/2022 12:30PM Rosy Mound Group Walk
    05/18/2022 7:00PM Eastmanville Farm Group Walk
    05/20/2022 7:00PM Riley Trails Group Walk
    05/21/2022 1:00PM - 3:00PM Hawthorn Pond Kayak Session
    05/21/2022 1:00PM - 3:00PM Hawthorn Pond Kayak Session
    05/23/2022 12:30PM Grand River Park Group Walk
    05/25/2022 7:00PM Upper Macatawa Natural Area Group Walk
    05/27/2022 7:00PM Grand River Park Group Walk
    05/28/2022 10:00AM - 1:00PM Hawthorn Pond Kayak Session
    06/01/2022 7:00PM Wau-Ke-Na, William Erby Smith Preserve Group Walk
    06/03/2022 7:00PM Pine Bend Group Walk

At this time registration is not required for group walks, but you must sign-up for Step It Up here.

Strength & Fitness Tips

The Step it Up! program has partnered with EcoTrek Fitness to provide participants with flexibility and strength training tips. EcoTrek Fitness created these great videos that demonstrate a variety of techniques!

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Active Year Round

Here are several resources to stay involved with Ottawa County Parks & Recreation as well as get involved with other local walking and nature opportunities:

Contact Amy at (616) 393-5799 with questions.