Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

Dog Rules & Info

Ottawa County Parks & Recreation welcomes dogs to most of its properties! A few rules are in place to ensure all of our guests are comfortable while visiting the parks. These rules also protect wildlife and many fragile, natural features of the properties. If you fail to obey them, you risk being ticketed.


  1. Dogs must be controlled on leashes ten foot or less, except in off-leash areas.
  2. Leave no trace of your dog. Clean up and dispose of animal waste immediately.
  3. Dogs displaying vicious or aggressive behavior will be asked to leave.
  4. Pets are not permitted in buildings, restrooms, picnic shelters, or playgrounds with the exception of the Grand Ravines South restroom..
  5. Service animals for those with disabilities are permitted in all areas at all times following leash laws. Please note emotional support or comfort animals do not qualify as service animals or for any exceptions to park rules.
  6. Seasonal restrictions apply at some properties. Check the guidelines for your preferred park. Dogs are never allowed at Rosy Mound Natural Area, Olive Shores, Mt. Pisgah and the stairs at North Ottawa Dunes. Dogs are not allowed anywhere in Pigeon Creek Park while there is snow on the ground. (Service animals are allowed.)
  7. Michigan law requires that your dog is licensed. Licenses can be purchased from Ottawa County.
  8. Please review the Grand Ravines Dog Park Rules before visiting the park.
  9. Limited dog beach hours are no longer in effect at Kirk Park. Learn More.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not assume other park visitors want to be greeted by your dog.
  • Even in off-leash areas, carry a leash with you and maintain voice control of your dog.
  • If your dog is acting aggressive or not heeding your commands, leave. Even good dogs have bad days.
  • Consider visiting with your pet on a week day when parks are less likely to be busy.