Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

Outdoor Wedding Information


If you are considering an outdoor wedding in an Ottawa County Park, read the following information carefully and you MUST call the Parks Office at 616-738-4810 for information about the specific park you wish to use. Certain sites, such as Spring Grove Trellis, Connor Bayou Woodland Cabin the Pine Bend Weaver House and Grand Ravines Lodge require reservations.

  • If you choose to hold your ceremony at an Ottawa County Park, you MUST call the Parks Office at (616) 738-4810.

  • Nonreserveable outdoor areas are first-come, first-served.
    • You may not rope off or “hold” space prior to your event. 
    • You may not block any walkways/boardwalks/stairs.

  • All park rules and regulations are in effect.

  • No amplified music or speaking.  Music may be played during your ceremony, but it must not disturb other park guests.

  • Pesticides, bug bombs, and similar products are not allowed.

  • ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED on all park property, except by special permit at the Pine Bend Park Weaver House and Connor Bayou Woodland Cabin, and Grand Ravines Lodge.

  • If you would like to provide seating for your guests or decorate the area, the following regulations apply:
    • Chairs and/or decorations may only be put up 30 minutes before the ceremony in a nonreservable area and must be removed immediately after the ceremony is finished. 
    • Artificial flowers are not allowed.
    • Birdseed, rice, confetti, and like products are not allowed.
    • Candles or open flames are not allowed.
    • Decorations that would cause damage to park property or buildings are not allowed.

  • Parking is not guaranteed for any event.  Parking areas may fill if it is a nice day or if large events are occurring. 
  • Capacity is limited in some park areas.
  • Due to the high volume of visitors on weekends, weddings at Lakeshore parks may not take place from 11 am – 4 pm.

Vehicle entrance fees are in effect at all Lakeshore parks (Tunnel, Kirk, North Beach, Rosy Mound, Olive Shores) between the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (Monday).