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Jubb Bayou

Jubb Bayou water
Jubb Bayou Boy with Fish
10340 Oriole Drive (approx.)
Nunica, MI 49448


Jubb Bayou is located in Crockery Township. The parking area is on Oriole Drive just east of 104th Avenue.

Amenities & Activities

  • Small parking area
  • Fishing
  • Off-trail hiking and cross-country skiing
  • Dogs are allowed on or off leash
  • Archery deer hunting. More information


This Map shows amenities, parking areas, and features. Jubb Bayou, located in Crockery Township is 97 acres.  The property includes nearly a mile of frontage on the Grand River, some high ground and significant floodplain and wetlands adjacent to the river.  There are no designated trails or restrooms.


5am to 10pm
The parking area is not plowed in winter.


There are no entry or launch fees.

Dog Policy

  • Dogs are allowed off-leash, year round in Open Space Lands
  • Carry a leash with you and maintain voice control of your dog.
  • Please be aware that deer hunting (both gun and archery) is allowed at some Open Space Lands. Be mindful of the season when visiting with your pet. Learn more about where hunting is allowed.
  • Owners must clean up after their pet and dispose of waste in a trash receptacle.
  • Dog policies vary from park to park, please visit the individual park’s page before visiting with your dog.

Open Space Land Rules