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What is 4-H?

First, let's talk about what 4-H isn't.

  • It's not just for kids who live on farms–although lots of kids who live on farms are in 4-H.
  • It's not just about raising and selling animals–although some kids in 4-H do exactly that.
  • It's not just about doing projects that you show at a fair–although lots of kids in 4-H do that too.

So what is 4-H about?

  • Having fun and not being BORED!
  • Making some great friends
  • Doing things you've always been interested in
  • Doing things you never knew you were interested in
  • Being a scientist
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Discovering you can be a leader–and you're good at it
  • Learning you can make a difference in your community, or even your state
  • Building your self-confidence

You can learn more about 4-H at

If you have children interested in finding an Ottawa County 4-H club to join, please e-mail us at and ask to be sent a map of our clubs. With over 100 clubs to choose from there is bound to be one that is just right for your family. Kids in Ottawa County 4-H clubs participate in all kinds of animal projects including; beef, sheep, swine, horses, dairy cattle, goats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, cats, and pocket pets. We also have many youth in sewing, crafts, photography, fine arts and other learning projects. In addition we have a teen club which is designed to teach teens about leadership and citizenship. In short there is something for everyone!

Contact Information:

Melissa Haug, 4-H Program Coordinator
Phone: 616-994-4582

Susan Fenton, 4-H Program Coordinator
Phone: 616-994-4543

Ottawa County 4-H Support Staff
Phone: 616-994-4540


Ottawa County 4-H is unique in that members may participate in three different fairs! For information on each of the three fairs go directly to their web sites by using the links below:

Berlin Fair (Marne)

Holland Fair (Ottawa County Fair)

Hudsonville Fair

(Fairs are responsible for updating their own websites)