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Water Resources Commissioner

To protect surface waters and the environment by providing storm water management through flood control measures, the development review process, soil erosion control and water quality programs.

Current Projects: Park West

The Water Resources Commissioner and his staff are responsible for construction, operation and maintenance of over 800 storm water management systems, "County Drains" in Ottawa County. These systems are designed to provide storm water management, drainage, flood prevention and stream protection for urban and agricultural lands. A County Drain may be an open ditch, stream, or underground pipe, retention pond or swale that conveys storm water.

Section 4, Georgetown Township, Lowing Comstock Drain north of Fillmore Street Routine maintenance of County Drains is necessary from time to time to ensure their proper function. The Water Resources Commissioner may in any one year, expend up to $5,000.00 per mile, per drain for maintenance and repair. Major projects are initiated through a petition process. Either property owners or a local municipality can petition the Water Resources Commissioner. To recover costs expended for a project, Special Assessments are levied against private properties, local municipalities, the County and the County Road Commission, railroads and state highways benefited by the construction and/or maintenance.

The Importance of Michigan Drain Commissioners


Linda Brown, Chief Deputy
Chris Machiela, Drain Inspector
Dennis Cole, Civil Engineer
Jennifer Vandenberg, Secretary
Jon Braxmaier, Erosion Control Agent
Angela Walachovic, Erosion Control Inspector
Teresa Overly, Drain Clerk

Joe Bush
Water Resources Commissioner
12220 Fillmore Street
Room 141
West Olive, MI 49460
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Phone: (616) 994-4530
Fax: (616) 994-4529
Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 4:30pm