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    As you may know, the FY19 budget process is moving very fast, legislators are hoping to wrap up their work on next year's budget by the end of the month. In the Senate passed FY19 DHHS budget, language resurfaced that would allow the Medicaid health plans in the pilot regions to contract with any vendor they choose and work around the CMHs in those regions.

    Senate Bill - Section 298 (2)(e):

    (e) That selected Medicaid health plans be allowed to contract directly with a service provider in an effort to achieve the contract requirements with this state for managing the physical and behavioral health of Medicaid eligible individuals within the pilot region. The pilots described in this subsection shall not in any way mandate an exclusive arrangement between contracted Medicaid health plans and CMHSPs. Any NCQA function presently maintained by a contracted Medicaid health plans shall remain the responsibility of the health plan for the purposes of this pilot regardless of their contractual arrangements with any CMHSP, and contracts between this state and the PIHPs shall be amended to allow for relief of CMHSPs from existing contractual requirements as necessary.

    We believe this approach would eventually destroy the local safety net by allowing private health plans to contract with vendors that do not have the same legal & moral responsibility of the CMHs in those communities. Similar language was proposed in last year's budget, however, we were successful in getting it removed.

    REQUEST FOR URGENT ACTION: We are asking that you contact your Senate & House member(s) expressing your concerns related to this new language and ask that it NOT be included in the final version of the bill. Timing is critical, we believe legislators will be making budget decisions as soon as this week and final decision within two weeks. Please contact your Senate & House member(s) between now and May 25.

    We also need you to ask that the members of your Board of Directors, your staff, and your community partners make those same contacts - SIMPLY FORWARD THEM THE ACTION ALERT. These contacts are critical, legislators must hear from us in order to counter the efforts by others opposed to the public management of the state's publicly sponsored behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disability services and supports system.

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  • Are you in crisis?
    If you, or someone you know, is in a mental health crisis please call our Helpline at 866-512-4357.

    You can contact the Crisis Center/Helpline for reasons such as:

    • Suicidal Thoughts
    • Information on Suicide
    • Information on Mental Health/Illness
    • Substance Abuse/Addiction
    • To Help a Friend or Loved One

    *If the person is a danger to themselves or others contact 911 for assistance. If you are not in crisis and are looking to access mental health services for yourself or someone you know please contact the Access Center at 877-588-4357 or TTY 616-494-5508.


Community Mental Health (CMH) is a public provider of services for people with developmental disabilities, serious mental illness, and/or substance use disorders. Our programs and activities are governed by a Board of Directors.Our services are available to residents of Ottawa County who have Medicaid or are uninsured, and who are eligible for services as defined by the Michigan Mental Health Code. We are CARF accredited for 12 programs.

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2016 Annual Report
  • Social Recreational Programs

    Community Mental Health of Ottawa County (CMHOC) is pleased to announce the launch of four new social and recreational programs for adults with disabilities who live in Ottawa County. Social and recreational activities help to enhance an individual's health and well-being and play an important role in bringing meaning to one's life. These programs are being funded by the mental health millage that was passed by Ottawa County voters in March, 2016 and will help to replace some of the opportunities lost due to funding cuts. Staying connected to friends and avoiding isolation is important for all people, especially the most vulnerable in our community. Involvement in the social and recreational programs is voluntary and will not impact a person’s medically necessary Medicaid services. These services are intended to add opportunities and choices for people with disabilities throughout the community.

    CMHOC has selected four agencies to run the social and recreations programs. A program will be located in each of the four quadrants of Ottawa County and will offer a variety of activities. Each program will have their own calendar and advanced registration is required. Some of the activities being offered include dance and exercise classes, bowling, movie nights, sporting events, and museum visits. If someone is interested in attending one of the programs they can contact that organization directly. The contact information is listed below.

    Grand Haven/Spring Lake - Momentum Center (714 Columbus, Grand Haven, MI 49417) Check out the website to learn more about happenings at Momentum Center will be celebrating their grand opening on April 20, 2017. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more or call 616-414-9111.

    Coopersville/Allendale - Heritage Homes Social Rec Program is offering a variety of activities. If you are interested in attending check out their Facebook page or website to learn more about what is being offered. If you are interested in attending, visit their website to learn how to get connected to their program at or call 616-384-3479.

    Hudsonville/Jenison - Ikus Life Enrichment Services: R.E.C. Connect is offering a variety of activities check out their Facebook page or visit their website to learn about what is being offered. If you are interested in attending visit their website to learn how to get connected to their program at or call 616-677-5251 x119.

    Holland - Pioneer Resources: LARC Program is offering a variety of activities in the Holland area check out their website at or Facebook page to learn more about LARC. If you are interested in attending call 231-773-5355.

  • News & Events

To learn more about the programs being funded by the Mental Health Millage check out the FY 2017 Outcomes document here.