Community Mental Health

Quality Improvement

Community Mental Health of Ottawa County monitors and evaluates its activities and outcomes to assure quality service is being provided. Some of the information and data used to continuously improve our services is provided here. For more information, contact Customer Service at (616) 494-5545, toll free (866) 710-SERV or by email:

Performance Improvement Plan

2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey

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MMBPIS Performance Indicator Dashboard

MMBPIS Indicators are outcome measures required by the State of MI. They measure the timeliness of inpatient screenings, access to care, start of ongoing services, follow up after inpatient and detox discharges, and track inpatient recidivism. The dashboard displays the target percentage determined by the State of MI compared to CMHOC's data, which is broken out by fiscal quarter, indicator, and treatment population (MI Adult, MI Child, DD Adult, DD Child, SUD). These indicators also give us the ability to measure how effective we are at getting people services compared to other CMH's across the state.

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