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Community Mental Health

Substance Use Treatment

Treatment Locations

If you, or someone you love, would like to learn more about substance use treatment options find the location closest to you on the map to the right.

These organizations can provide access to: outpatient services, detox, and residential treatment beginning with an initial assessment.

* Your insurance or state funds may pay for all of most of the treatment that is provided.

If you are having trouble accessing services, please call (616) 393-5681


Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications to assist in the recovery process. These medications can be prescribed by Primary Care Physicians or through the organizations to the left.

Share Your Story

If you are journeying in recovery from substance use and would like to share your story as an encouragement to others who are beginning the same process please click on the image below.

Substance Use Prevention

Get rid of your unused meds

One of the best ways to prevent curious hands from accessing unused meds is to dispose of them once you are done taking them. It is especially important to dispose of unused pain medications as they are often involved in accidental or intentional misuse.

Use this map to find local pharmacies and police deptartments on the left who will take back your unused medications.

Equip yourself with Narcan

Narcan is a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose. With an average of 91 people dying each day from an overdose, we are encouraging community members to get trained!

Watch the video below to learn more and attend one of our in-person trainings:

Narcan Trainings

2nd Friday of every month

Community Mental Health
12265 James St. Holland, MI
Drop-in between 11am-2pm

3rd Friday of every month

Momentum Center
714 Columbus Ave. Grand Haven, MI
Drop-in between 12pm-2pm

If you are taking prescription medications, lock them up.

Prevent accidental use and abuse by keeping your medication safe. You can find medication lock boxes at your local pharmacy.