Ottawa County Probate Court


Internship opportunities may be limited due to COVID-19. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis as the courts evaluate their ability to accommodate interns in a meaningful capacity.

Whether your college major is a criminal justice or corrections-related field, law, psychology, social work, education, liberal arts or business, the Courts may have an internship opportunity for you.

The purpose of a quality internship is to provide a practical learning experience within the justice system, which benefits both the student, school and our court. Additionally, it allows the intern to complete the internship requirements for his/her college degree.

Our Mission is to administer justice and restore wholeness in a manner that inspires public trust. In addition to our mission, the Ottawa County Probate Courts and 20th Judicial Circuit also feel a responsibility to contribute to the development and training of future professionals for the criminal justice system and other related social service fields through our Internship Program.

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  • Internship Job Descriptions

    Placement - Court Division

    Juvenile Caseworker - Family Division, Juvenile Court
    Juvenile Clerical - Family Division, Juvenile Court
    Youth Specialist - Juvenile Detention Center
    Lighthouse Program - Juvenile Detention Center
    Treatment Services - Juvenile Court, Treatment Services
    Restorative Community Service - Juvenile Court, Treatment Services
    Friend of the Court Investigator - Family Division, Domestic Services
    Legal Self-Help Center - Friend of the Court
    Court Administration - Trial Division
    Felony Collections/Legal - Trial Division
    Clerical/Legal - Probate Court

  • Benefit to Student Interns

    Our responsibility is to provide an environment in which a student intern will, after orientation and training, be able to:

    • Understand and apply academic theory in a realistic setting.
    • Understand the function and structure of the Circuit and Probate Courts and their relationship to other parts of the criminal system.
    • Understand the interaction with supervisory staff, court customers and community resources.
    • Reference letter for future employment upon successful completion.
  • Benefit to to Courts

    The 20th Judicial Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Court will benefit from a quality internship program by:

    • Having motivated and capable students assist with the delivery of casework and other court-related services.
    • Having assistance on special projects beneficial to the 20th Judicial Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Court.
    • Sharing of educational knowledge and enhancing the 20th Judicial Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Court knowledge base.
    • Having continual interaction with new people and ideas.
  • Internship Supervision

    Supervision in the Internship Program will be provided by experienced, professional staff committed to their work and to the development and education of future professionals.

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • You must be 18 years of age.
    • Have the ability to pass a criminal background check prior to being accepted to the Internship.
    • Provide for your own transportation.
    • You must be a junior or senior or enrolled in a recognized bachelor degree or graduate program.

Completed Internship Application Forms should be submitted to:
Internship Committee
20th Judicial Circuit/Ottawa County Probate Court
12120 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460
Attn: Andrea Reenders – Undergrad – or – Cindy Spielmaker & Michelle Anguiano - MSW
Phone: 616-786-4136