Ottawa County Probate Court

Guardianships & Conservatorships

The Probate Court is responsible for appointing guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults and minors who cannot make responsible decisions about themselves or their property. In these cases the judge must decide whether the person in question has a mental, physical or legal limitation which requires the judge to appoint a guardian to make decisions concerning the person's health and personal life or appoint a conservator to make responsible decisions concerning management of property and money. A Conservator is responsible for filing detailed/accurate annual accounts with the Court.

The Probate Court is also responsible for reviewing guardianships at the end of one year and every three years thereafter for adults. For minors the court is responsible for reviewing the guardianship yearly until the minor reaches age six.

Filing Forms

Filing Forms to Terminate/Modify

Filing for Application For Order For Appointment Of Out-Of-State

Annual Guardianship & Conservatorship Report