Sheriff's Office

Gun Permits

The Firearm Laws of Michigan under MCL 28.422 require all handguns in Michigan be registered. A criminal background check must be conducted on the purchaser prior to the purchase.

  • Individuals who hold a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) may purchase a handgun without a background check. Purchase and registration is recorded on the Pistol Sales Record form RI-060.
  • Individuals who hold a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) may purchase a handgun without a background check. Purchase and registration is recorded on the Pistol Sales Record form RI-060.
  • Individuals who are currently licensed in Michigan as sworn law enforcement officers may purchase a handgun without a background check. Purchase and registration is recorded on the Pistol Sales Record form RI-060.
  • All others have two methods to choose from:
    • Purchase from a gun dealer with a valid FFL to sell guns. Purchase and registration is recorded on the Pistol Sales Record form RI-060.
    • OR
    • Obtain a License to Purchase (LTP) from a Law Enforcement Agency BEFORE purchasing from an individual. The registration copy (MSP) of the LTP will register the handgun when you return it to the agency that issued the LTP.

Handgun Forms:

The License to Purchase (LTP) form is obtained at a law enforcement agency. If you would like to apply for a license to purchase a handgun, you must report in person to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office located at the County of Ottawa Fillmore Street Complex in West Olive between 8:00am and 4:30pm. You will need your valid Michigan Driver's License/or a Michigan State ID, with your current address to apply. A purchase permit must be have the purchaser’s signature notarized prior to the sale. We offer notary services for $10.00. The permit is valid for 30 days. It must be returned to the law enforcement agency that issued it within 10 days of the purchase.

The Pistol Sales Record (RI-060) can be found on the Michigan State Police firearms website.

Handgun Registration:

The purchaser is required to return the registration copy (MSP) within 10 days of the purchase.

  • Purchases made with an LTP require the purchaser return the agency copy of the LTP to the agency that issued the permit.
  • Purchases made on a Pistol Sales Record (RI-060) require the purchaser return the registration (MSP) copy to their local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over their residence.

Concealed Pistol License

The process for obtaining a Concealed Pistol License permit starts with the Ottawa County Clerk's Office. Concealed Pistol License (CPL) permits are granted to residents of Ottawa County who proceed through the proper application process. Permits are granted only after an extensive background checks, fingerprints and an evaluation by the Michigan State Police. It can take up to 45 days for permits to be granted.

When you are ready for fingerprinting, the following items must be presented at the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office:

  • Receipt from the County Clerk - Offices & Locations
  • Valid Picture ID with current address (Michigan Driver's License or Michigan ID Card)
  • CPL License (if renewing)
  • Hours for fingerprinting are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No appointment necessary.
  • Fingerprinting is only available at: 12220 Fillmore St, West Olive.
  • $15.00 fingerprinting fee. (Cash, Credit Card, Money Order accepted. No personal checks. Credit Card payments are subject to an additional processing fee.)

Background Checks

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office does local background checks only for individuals requesting their own background check. This is not a full criminal history check and only includes incidents where the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office was the law enforcement agency involved. This does not include criminal convictions within the cities of Ottawa County governed by their own entity or any other counties or states. Cost is $5.00 if no record, $10.00. if a record exists.

The Michigan State Police offers ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool) on their website. ICHAT includes criminal convictions anywhere in Michigan and is a more comprehensive background check than we can offer locally.


On Thursday, September 19, there will be no fingerprinting available at the Sheriff’s Office due to planned system replacement.

Fingerprinting is offered by the Sheriff’s Office at our Fillmore Street location M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. The fees for fingerprinting vary depending on the reason you are being fingerprinted. You MUST have government issued photo identification showing your date of birth with you. Fingerprinting is offered on a first come, first served basis. During busy times the wait can be an hour or more. Please plan accordingly.

LiveScan – electronic submission:

If you need electronic (LiveScan) submission of your fingerprints for a State and/or Federal background check, such as for teaching, you must provide the Purpose Code and Requesting Agency Identifier from the organization. This data ensures the proper fee is charged, and the response is directed to the correct organization. We cannot provide these codes for you. Most LiveScan print submissions cost $54.75. Some are $53.50. If you need printed cards in addition to the electronic submission, the cost is $10.00 per card.

Paper Print Cards:

If you just need paper fingerprint cards, our fee is $10.00 per card. We provide State of Michigan and/or FBI print cards. If your organization is providing print cards, do not pre-fill your information. Our system prints your data and our agency data on the cards when we print them.

CPL Applicants:

Fingerprinting for CPL applicants is $15.00. Please see the CPL section above for a list of items you are required to bring with you.