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The Ottawa County Fillmore Complex in West Olive is currently without power, impacting its ability to serve customers.

This includes the Sheriff headquarters, Clerk, Register of Deeds and Treasurer offices as well as today's inmate visits at the jail and hearings in the West Olive court. Other locations such as Holland, Grand Haven and Hudsonville are operating and providing services and hearings.

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Sheriff's Office

Animal Control

If you have an animal complaint, please call Ottawa County Central Dispatch's Non-Emergency, (1-800)249-0911

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office Animal Control is responsible for handling animal complaints within Ottawa County. Animal Control Deputies routinely investigate complaints regarding the handling and care of companion animals, to include abuse/neglect situations and dangerous animals. While Ottawa County Animal Control Deputies are concerned with the humane treatment of animals, their primary goal is that of preserving human health.

Animal Control Deputies regularly pick-up stray cats and dogs and assist in reuniting owners with lost pets. In addition, they perform the following duties:

  • Investigating housing and care of farm domestics
  • Investigation of animal cruelty complaints
  • Determining the origin of stock losses
  • Enforcing state animal control laws, including licensing statutes
  • Providing kennel inspections and licensing
  • Documenting animal bite reports
  • Providing information on wild animal issues
  • Providing permits for wolf-dogs and large carnivores
  • Follow-up on dog license violations
  • Investigating abandoned and impounded motor vehicles.

Luke Wiersma is the deputy currently assigned to the Animal Control Unit.