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Sheriff's Office

Road Patrol - Uniform Operations

Captain John Wolffis
12220 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460
Phone: (616) 738-4039
Fax: (616) 738-4061

The Operations part of the Road Patrol Unit is comprised of command staff and road patrol deputies who are funded by the County of Ottawa. Captain Wollfis also oversees the Traffic Services Unit, Marine Unit, Reserve Unit, Dive Team and Mounted Unit.

The command staff is made up of:

  • Sgt. Christie Wendt
  • Sgt. Eric Westveer
  • Sgt. Brian Buter
  • Sgt. Matt Wildfong
  • Sgt. Chris Koster - Training Sergeant
  • Sgt. Bob Ruster - Administrative Sergeant
  • Sgt. James Douglas
  • Sgt. Cal Keuning

The road patrol deputies are divided into quadrants throughout the county as follows.

Holland/Zeeland (Southwest) Patrol Area

Day Shift

Deputy Matt VanLiere
Deputy David Tuttle
Deputy Mitch Kooyers
Deputy Eric Tubergen

Night Shift

Deputy Maher Nasif
Deputy Greg Walski
Deputy Tyler VanDoeselaar
Deputy Patrick Gedeon

Jenison (Southeast) Patrol Area

Day Shift

Deputy Scott Dyke
Deputy Bill Cousins

Night Shift

Deputy Dean Hanson
Deputy Adam Schaller

Marne (Northeast) Patrol Area

Day Shift

Deputy Meri-Beth Brouwer
Deputy Martin Fish

Night Shift

Deputy Joe Bares
Deputy Mike Hallmeyer

Spring Lake Township (Northwest) Patrol Area

Day Shift

Deputy Shawn James
Deputy Scott Ippel

Night Shift

Deputy Tim Zeerip

Grand Haven Township (Western) Patrol Area

Day Shift

Deputy Frank Dobroc
Deputy Jeff Somers

Night Shift

Deputy Ryan Popma
Keith Biros

Traffic Services Unit

Sgt. Steve Austin
Deputy Pete Feliciano
Deputy Bob Jewell
Deputy Michael VandenBosch

Animal Control Unit

Deputy Jeff Hannah
Deputy Luke Wiersma

Dive Team/Marine Unit/Mounted Unit

Sgt. Dean Devries

Reserve Unit

Sgt. Chris Koster

In addition to the deputies assigned to a quadrant of the county, we have K-9 deputies who patrol the entire county and are available for canine calls, as well as, regular calls for service. Currently, our K-9 deputies are Deputy Mark Busse with Canine Andy, Deputy Jeremy Osbun with Canine Kyan, and Deputy Chris Armstrong with Canine Blitz, and Deputy Tony Stariha with Canine Pappy. As well as our Traffic Services Unit, Animal Control Unit, Marine Unit, Reserve Unit, and Dive Team.