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Community Policing

Recognizing that a significant amount of law enforcement response is reactive in nature, the administration of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office has consistently moved in the direction of community-oriented policing. Our goal is to work directly with local elected officials, schools, courts, businesses and community leaders to identify specific areas of need and develop strategies to address those needs. We believe that the proactive measures involved in community policing concepts have a direct impact on the reactive actions required of law enforcement. Community-oriented policing has proven to be a valuable tool in dealing with the rapid growth occurring within Ottawa County.

Cooperative efforts between local units of government, school districts, and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office have lead to many successful Federal grant awards over the years, such as the Department of Justice “COPS” Grant. These programs have provided much of the initial financial foundation for the growth of community policing in Ottawa County. Continued support and partnerships by local units of government, schools, and the county have made community-oriented policing a stable, effective method of proactive law enforcement within Ottawa County.

Community policing deputies are a visible presence in the communities they serve. In addition to actively participating in community events, the deputies work closely with local units of government, schools, and courts on issues specific to that particular entity. Listed below are some examples of the various Community Policing Programs and activities in which deputies participate.

  • Crime Free Multi-Housing Programs
  • Zoning Ordinance Enforcement
  • Bicycle Patrols
  • Child Passenger Safety Education
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Bicycle/Helmet Safety Education
  • Hunter Safety Instruction
  • Boating Safety Instruction
  • Senior Citizen Issues/Presentations
  • Business Interests/Presentations
  • Bicycle Registration Programs
  • Quality of Life Issues
  • Traffic Control-Selective Enforcement
  • Vacation Property Watch

In addition to the programs listed, deputies also focus their efforts on temporary problem solving, such as traffic enforcement in a newly created construction zone, follow-up on school bus violations, and enforcement of sex offender registration laws. Finally, all community policing deputies carry a criminal investigation caseload as a part of their obligation to the community they serve.

Deputies assigned to township or city community policing positions are as follows:

Allendale Township
Sgt. Cal Keuning
Deputy Cam Malkewitz
Deputy John Ortman
Deputy Travis Schippers

Coopersville City
Sgt. Dennis Luce
DDeputy Valerie Beemer
Deputy Jon Knott
Deputy Dan Lewkowski
Deputy Shane Ryke
Deputy Michele Sampson
Deputy Tim Smith

Georgetown Township
Sgt. Chris Koster Deputy James Boutwell
Deputy Josh Blanton
Deputy Scott Davis
Deputy Dan Fetkenhour
Deputy Ray Gress
Deputy Randy Heaton
Deputy Jeff Jones
Deputy Joe Michmerhuizen
Deputy Mac O’Connor
Deputy Andrew Riley
Deputy Brian Tucker
Deputy Adam VanDis
Deputy Brian Williams

Grand Haven Township
Sgt. Bob Ruster
Deputy Ryan DeVries
Deputy Jacob MacKeller
Deputy Chris Reuwer
Deputy Chris Todd

Holland & Park Townships
Sgt. Brent Converse
Deputy Tony Boersema
Deputy Chad Coulson
Deputy Garry Fox
Deputy Tonya Kimber
Deputy Nick Knott
Deputy Trevor Johnson
Deputy Travis Wheaton

Hudsonville City
Sgt. Jeff Steigenga
Deputy Jon Cieslinski
Deputy Jessica Havens
Deputy Chad Klaver
Deputy Landon Kresnak
Deputy Mike Petroelje
Deputy James Scholma

Jamestown Township
Sgt. Bob Ruster
Deputy Eric Smith
Deputy AJ Rietberg

Polkton, Chester & Tallmadge Townships
Sgt. Dennis Luce
Deputy Jon Knott

Port Sheldon Township
Sgt. Derek Gerencer
Deputy Alex DeJong

Spring Lake Township
Sgt. Derek Gerencer
Deputy Travis Babcock
Deputy Jon Smoes

Spring Lake Village & Ferrysburg City
Sgt. Jason Kik
Deputy Corey Allard
Deputy James Dyer
Deputy Andrew Hafler
Deputy Keith Scrumpler
Deputy Ramon Soto-Lopez
Deputy Sean Turbett
Deputy Wade VanBragt
Deputy Travis Wheaton

Zeeland Township
Sgt. Derek Gerencer
Deputy Ryan Huizenga