Sheriff's Office

Records Unit

Crash Reports:

  • To obtain your own report for immediate purchase and download, click here. You must have your complaint number.
  • To obtain a crash report for someone else, or without a complaint number, please use our Ottawa County FOIA Center.

Criminal and Service Reports:

We use the Ottawa County FOIA Center to process requests for records and manage our workflow. Benefits include convenient access to download the records we provide and the ability to communicate with us regarding your request. Your account will consolidate future requests in one place. Additionally, this system allows us to process requests as efficiently as possible. This saves you money and saves tax dollars by effectively managing our workload.

We encourage you to submit requests online via the Ottawa County FOIA Center. Save time, gas, and money choosing electronic records.

To request a copy of a report, you must submit a written request to our office. This may be submitted using the Ottawa County FOIA Center, via fax, regular mail, or in person.

You may mail a request to our office at the address listed on this page. Requests may be submitted in person at the same address, however please understand reports will not be ready for release at the time the request is made.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides a public body 5-Business Days to respond to a request. That response may include a 10-businss day extension, or instructions how to obtain the records such as payment that may be required before records are released. For further details, please see our Ottawa County FOIA Center.


The cost for reports is based on the actual time spent on each request. These fees are governed by the Freedom of Information Act. We are unable to provide an estimate over the phone. Many requests are fulfilled at a cost under $10.00. Acceptable methods of payment.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Acceptable methods of payment include:

  • Cash
  • Money Order – for exact amount only (Not accepted for Abandoned Vehicle Auction purchases)
  • Credit Card – Photo ID required. Name on card must match ID. VISA/Mastercard only. Convenience fee applies to all card transactions. Card fees are listed here.
  • We will not accept personal checks. We do accept business checks for the exact amount only.