Sheriff's Office

Victim Services

The Victim Services Unit is a volunteer group consisting of 20 dedicated people helping victims survive a crisis. Each volunteer has participated in 40-hours of training. The advocates always work in teams of two and are paged by Central Dispatch upon request of law enforcement or emergency personnel on scene.

They are the helping hands of police, fire, and medical personnel. They free the departments up to do their jobs without leaving the victim "out in the cold" or ignored. The objective of the team is to support the victim or the victim's family and minimize the stress of the situation.

The Victim Services Unit is designed to comfort and help victims and make referrals to appropriate agencies and services of the area according to needs. They also serve as a go between for victims, their families, scene officials, and emergency service providers. They aid and educate victims as to their rights, the victim compensation board, and the judicial system.

The Victim Service Unit has proven to be a very valuable asset to Ottawa County and is available to any police or fire department in Ottawa County by contacting 9-1-1.

For more information please contact Captain Jake Sparks at (616) 994-4710.