Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Community Mental Health Board

The CMH Board is a Policy Governance Board pursuant to Section 226 of the Mental Health Code. The Board is comprised of up to 4 County Commissioners, 4 Primary Consumers & Family Members & 4 General Public Members. Appointments are made by the Board of County Commissioners. The CMH Board meets every 4th Monday of the month at 3:00 p.m. Members must attend the monthly CMH Board of Directors meeting & may be required to attend ad hoc meetings as needed.


Matthew R Fenske, County Commissioner (BC)
Allen Dannenberg, County Commissioner (BC)
Doug R Zylstra, County Commissioner (BC)
Robert Brown, Family Member (BC)
Terry Goldberg, Family Member (BC)
ALBERTO SERRANO, General Public (BC)
David R Parnin, General Public (BC)
Beth Larsen, General Public (BC)
Lavonne (Vonnie) Vanderzwaag , General Public (BC)
Dorothy Hendricks, Primary Consumer (BC)
Steven Savage, Primary Consumer (BC)

For additional information about the Community Mental Health Board, please contact Lynne Doyle.